Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What voltage outlet do the brooms operate?

These machines are made for USA homes and fit 110 volt outlets.


What are the warranty details?

1 year on parts and labor. If the problem is something simple (handle replacement for example), the new part gets shipped to the customer at no charge. If the machine does not work for some reason (motor, electrical switch, plug, etc), it needs to get shipped back to us and we will either repair or replace it at no charge and the customer pays nothing for shipping either way.


Will the brooms damage our turf or suck up the infill?

These machines are made specifically for artificial turf and it will not damage your turf. The machine has no suction so technically it will not take out any infill. If the installation was done correctly with the correct amount of infill, you will not have any problems. If the turf is over-filled, then yes, some of the infill will get picked-up.


Are these units corded or battery operated?

We only sell corded units. 


Do you ship to Canada or international?

We do not ship internationally (chances are if you are in Europe there is a dealer there – they are sold in many different countries) and we only ship to Canada in bulk (minimum order of 20 units to dealers). Please call to place a bulk order to Canada.


Do you offer a military discount?

Not at this time.


What is your return policy?

All sales are final – no returns


Can the roller brushes be replaced?

No, they cannot and they do not need to be replaced. Commercial power brooms that are used daily for years and years never need to be replaced and the same is true with these brushes.


How often does one need to power brush a turf lawn?

As needed as each lawn is different. Heavily trafficked areas should be done more frequently – as much as 1x per week. Other areas that receive no foot-traffic perhaps only once per quarter. As for picking up debris, again, it is as needed. The more often it is done the faster and easier the process, much like washing your car. If you only wash your car one a month or so it will take much more time, effort and energy to get the car “clean” vs. someone that washed their car weekly or every other week.