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The GreenZapr® UVC Surface Sanitizer


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The GreenZapr® uses a total of sixteen (16) specifically designed UVC lamps. It’s designed to operate at a distance of 2.5” from the surface. At this distance, the energy intensity (measured in terms of micro watts per square centimeter) is 6,558 µW-s/cm². When operating the unit at the recommended 3-pass/6 mph method, the “dosage” is 6,707 µJ/cm² . For reference, Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) requires 6,600µW/cm² for a 3-log (99.9%) reduction.

The GreenZapr is a tow-behind unit, with high-quality roller bearings on the running gear for smooth, easy operation. The GreenZapr is equipped with a safety “position sensor” to shut the unit off when being raised and the SMART control module shuts off power to the unit when not in operation.


The GreenZapr disinfects synthetic turf surfaces with powerful germicidal UVC lights. Harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA, HIV, and influenza are eradicated through DNA destruction, eliminating the potential for “Super Bugs”.

  • Powerful Germicidal UVC

  • Destroys 99.9% of Harmful Micro-Organisms

  • Reliable On-Board Power

  • Most Efficient, Cost-Effective Sanitation Technique

Reliable on-board power via generator or optional rechargeable gel cell batteries provide the most efficient, cost-effective sanitation method available in the industry.


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